Practical Human Resources & Organisational Solutions “Good HR is not that complicated, but it is rare.  If it’s kept practical, and closely connected to the goals of the business, everyone wins.”
At   Crute   Consulting,   we   understand   the   challenges   of   managing   people in an organisational context. Our   goal   is   to   provide   you   with   the   practical   help   and,   if   needed,   the on-going support to meet these challenges. Our    clients    range    from    large    multi-nationals    in    need    of    help    with specific   projects,   to   small   and   medium   businesses   that   don’t   require   a full-time HR staff. From   the   fundamentals   through   to   board-level   strategic   planning   and management   of   change,   if   you   are   looking   for   down-to-earth   HR   advice and   support,   from   people   who’ve   worked   in   some   of   the   world’s   most successful companies, talk to us.
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